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Aloha Sweet Beings,

What an incredible and amazing times we are in! So many changes that are happening on the planet right Now that it’s easy to get caught up in the current of drama.

The good news is that there’s always a simultaneous current available of love and joy and even bliss. I have found that it takes a daily practice of mindfulness, healing, centering and grounding to stay in this state of Being continuously.

To support you and me and all of us I have conjured up a special 21 day Healing Journey for us to partnerand soar together during these intense times on mama Earth.

So if you are ready to:

Release your Fears?

Step into Your Power?

Increase your Abundance?

Reconnect to Source Energy?

Unleash your Authentic Self?

NOW is the Time to Reclaim your Divine Inheritance of Love, Joy & Bliss and Release All that has been holding you back for so long.
Join me on a 21 day Journey of Healing, Reconnection adn Expansion like never before.

Release All Limitation and Heal into Your Naturally Abundant and Powerful Self.

Sign up Now and Receive a whopping 87% discount untill 31/10 midnight HT.

21 Days of Healing with remote Energy Work every 2 days starting at 11/1 1:11HT for the amazing price of $111. That’s 11 healing sessions plus Special Bonuses for a little over the price of one Healing Session!

*Bonus Gifts* Angel Oracle Card Reading on Day 1.

Fairy Oracle Card Reading on Day 21.

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 570 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hiro ♥

As you may have noticed there has not been much activity on my website lately. This is due to the birth of my beautiful baby boy Hiro Aragone Kaimana Pueo ♥. What a blessing!


Relax into bliss while laying down with beautiful gemstones laying on top of you and around you. Take a bath of crystaline energy, rebalancing the body and realigning the soul.

Specific layouts available for specific purposes. I will intuitively feel into what serves you best in the moment.

I look forward to working with you!!

My rates are $25 per layout. In my experience 3 to 4 layouts per session are usually required to achieve the optimal results.

You can reach me at (928) 852-0558 to set up an appointment.

Remote sessions also available. Energy follows intent and knows no time or space.


Solara Rainbow Bliss ☼

Solara’s touch is as pure as crystal ~ David Wolfe

I felt all tension leaving my body and felt an amazing inner peace. ~ Denis Oei

Solara helped me release 3 years of stress in just 1 session of crystal healing ~ Yoki Ng

For those of you that want to find your Inner Force:

Layout with Meditation

This gemstone layout and the meditation that goes with it, is to find your specific Inner Force. But don’t expect to feel a strong, electric shock. It is more of a softness, with almost like a sucking feeling and an enormous depth to it. The Force you carry is very strong. And now it should be awakened and it should be allowed for it to grow.

This special and very unique Inner Force is not so much for The Shift we are making. Or for the coming time on The New Earth.  It’s more for the time after that… Because much more is awaiting us in the future. The Universe and the whole Blue Creation are on their way up in frequency and it is, then and there, that your true Inner Force will come to its greatest purpose. But it is now the time when you can start looking for it and find it.

Your Inner Force is coming from The Beyond and so are you. And even if you think that you know a lot about it or who you are there, in The Beyond, I wouldn’t say that that is true, because even for the few who know who they really are in The Beyond, The Before and The Beginning, this is still totally new. Everything is not discovered yet. Not everything is revealed yet. There is still 1 step missing, but soon…

Now is the time that we actually can start our understanding of our own Inner Force. And we can start Our Inner Force Journey. We can start to understand what it is to live in harmony with our own Inner Force. But also our own inner Holiness. In English there is a word Divine, but in Swedish there isn’t any really good word for the godlike holiness that I mean. Our Swedish words usually have a connection with religion or Christianity, but that is not what I mean. And it is not right, in this case. What I talk about is extraordinary; something very big and very Holy. It is before anything godlike was even thought of or had sprung out or had become or been created, in any form. It was then that yours, and even my Force became and existed. It was pure and clear and it had its flow, hand in hand with everything and everyone else. We were strong together, so strong that we were a unit of True Light. And then we were sent out and we didn’t notice when we left, that the further we went, the more the Light faded and so also did our Inner Force.

But now it is the time to take back and conquer our Selves and what we stand for. It will become a small struggle but it is only a struggle that you can win for yourself. You, and only you, can re-conquer your own Inner Force. No one has taken it from you. And no one has put out the flame. You have only forgotten it. Forgotten how big and strong you really are and where you come from and why you carry the Force that you do carry.

It is now when tiredness and sadness are suffocating you, that you could struggle free and stand up straight and strong. And the Forcefulness of who you really are can sweep around country and Earth. The echo from Before should then reach out and awaken everyone who wants to listen and learn about themselves.

There are three parts available to connect with your Inner Force. Each part can be booked seperately. Each part is valued at $55. Available in person or through skype.

A prerequisite for these meditation/gemstone layout sessions is that you at least have taken one of the New Earth Teachings classes. You can find more information about the NET classes here.

Inner Force part 1


Inner Force part 2


Inner Force part 3


Our body is an extraordinary tool that moves us through life with an exquisite grace. But sometimes it carries us forward in a less elegant way.  And sometimes maybe we are even dragging ourselves along forward in a boring and a very slow way. Most of the people are, right now, experiencing an enormous tiredness. Many are totally exhausted. For every day, month, and year that has passed, in waiting, we have become more and more tired. Life has lost its shine and our focus and our way of life has become a little blurry to see.  It clouds our judgment and our consciousness and Spirituality comes in second hand because we are kind of bored.

Our bodies are right now exposed to an enormous amount of stress. Stress connected with changes within the body. What we need is an inner self and body harmony. That is what we need right now because everything is pulling and tugging in our old body construction.

The body wants so much to change itself, raise the frequency and grow in consciousness and with its inner force. And in the middle of everything, we try to live and work normally. You know, we eat, sleep, and work; a typical ordinary day, one after another. Because we are in the middle of life. A life that sometimes seems to pass outside of ourselves, or in front of our eyes, but not really inside of us.

Some of us feel that we are screened off or we that we have lost some part of the way of following how things are working. Very much because our bodies have had a very difficult time because of The Shift or, rather, because of the lack of The Shift.

So what to do? Well, maybe this:

A Guided Meditation to connect with your Soul Sun

Followed by:

crystal layout #1: A basic layout that supports our body in the Shift of the New Times

crystal layout #2: To release the heavier, “dark”, Etheric Particles.

crystal layout #3: To attract the new, “light”, Etheric Particles.

crystal layout #4: To manifest the changes. To open yourself up for your New Body and its possibilities.

Perfect for this Full Moon Eclipse!

Contact me at to book this session valued at $144. In person or through skype. A beautiful guided meditation followed by 4 gemstone layouts!


And remember to drink a lot of water this day. This helps the energy to move through you freely. And meditate on your Soul Sun. Then relax and try to take it easy that day. Let your stress float away. Get a massage, swim or take a long bath.

Love yourself ~♥~


Solara Rainbow Bliss ☼


Imagine this scenario:

– What if you woke up every morning, feeling AWAKENED
and full of life?

– What if your relationships were so rewarding (and
your finances so ABUNDANT) that you experience love,
peace and joy every day?

– And what if, in seconds, you could RELEASE any type of
pain in your heart and mind before it even started?

Can you imagine what that would be like?  (Here’s what one participant said):

“I feel BRAND NEW.  Thanks again so much.  I felt the entire process all through my body.  I could actually see the “REAL” me.”  – Michelle

94.2% Said Their “Life Got Better!”:
>>Discover how a pain free, abundant life can happen to you too

(Did You Know:  IT’S NOT About Working Harder, Thinking Positive or Even Luck…You’ll be SHOCKED at what THEY DISCOVERED…

You see, we all suffer through challenges, no matter how big or small.  Minor pains grow into LOW vibration, and then block us from truly being who we are meant to be (so we keep struggling to barely get by…)

It’s my dream that you live a truly fulfilling
life of joy, happiness, abundance, and FREEDOM
… just as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Transformational leader, Darius Barazandeh created
the largest global ENERGY AWAKENING CIRCLE in the world.

It’s DIFFERENT because connecting may have the ‘strange’ REMOTE effect of raising your VIBRATION.  At least that’s what their findings are showing.  Here’s what another participant said:

“The person I am today is completely different from the person I was when I began.  I am at such ease and feel such an inner peace that is incredible. It is wonderful.”
 –  D.S.

Imagine what it would really feel like:
–    To finally SET FREE intimacy, financial and emotional blocks…(once and for all)
–    To MASTER deep healing in seconds…
–    To instantly melt away personal BLOCKS and fears (without struggle)…
–    To TUNE into God-given gifts, genius and radiant vitality NOW.
–    To GRACEFULLY open your own clairvoyant, psychic or intuitive Abilities…
–    To Make 2013 and 2014 the BEST YEARS ever for you and your loved ones…

Did You Know?  For more than 3 Years over 250,000 people from over 100+ Countries have experienced these cutting edge healing technologies.  Don’t miss it this time around…

Starting LIVE on September 10th – it’s getting even MORE powerful!

Top transformational leaders that you’ve seen on NBC, CNN, ABC, Oprah Winfrey, Women’s Day, etc. are joining LIVE starting on September 10th.

This Energy is ALL NEW and LIVE just for you:
(it’s not a re-hash or re-run of old ideas)


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Picture a NEW EARTH of people AWAKENING their energy, raising their vibration, and MANIFESTING an abundant, wealthy, pain- free existence at the very SAME TIME!

CURIOUS?  You can be one of them. <ENTER HERE> 
As it only takes 3 seconds to JOIN and see if your vibration rises to the “next” level…

(Hint:  94.2% of people polled from this energy circle said
their life got BETTER just by showing up!  You’ll even see their comments below.)

If you wish to experience the most amazing energy AWAKENING
of a lifetime and feel it’s TIME to start living a purpose filled life,
then join Darius and his incredible global team for this HEART- EXPANDING energy and vibration immersion – right now.

It’s free.  And it will fill your life with high vibration and graceful energy from the most knowledgeable and respected leaders in the world.

Are you ready to RELEASE your struggle and suffering NOW?

Less Struggle, More FLOW & JOY – It Takes 3 Seconds to Connect:
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“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey

Once you connect and experience the AWAKENING for yourself, you’ll look back at this moment you decide to sign up as one of the best decisions you ever made.

Love, Solara ☼

P.S. – Over the last 3 years this amazing GROUP has gotten thousands and thousands of comments of ENERGY breakthroughs.

Here’s a tiny sample of what people have been experiencing (don’t wait a minute longer – spaces for Live Sessions are FILLING UP fast):

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“Just popped in and shifted…was in pain before the call started now pain free..!!!!!  Thank you again!!!”
– Jacqueline
“Truly amazing.  I could see strands of dark blobs being unraveled. Thank you, Thank you” 
– Marisa
“Thank you so much Darius!  This series has changed my life!  These calls brought my light to shine through.  Darius you are special, you are authentic”. – Kannan

“My pain in my back is gone!!! 4 years since my accident and then a life in pain is gone – I am so, so happy right now! Thanks!!  Rickard in Stockholm

The instant I heard … “Receive” I immediately felt goose bumps all over.  Wow this is a first.  Something good is happening.”
– Kitty

“I have never felt what I felt today.  I felt a wave of energy and tingling throughout my entire body for a good 20-30 seconds and then a smile so wide I thought my face would break and then I laughed a carefree laugh…”
– Nicole in Carlsbad

==> Hurry and Save Your Space – Live Exercises Will Fill UP!

P.S.S – Everyone experiences something different – Curious what could happen for you?

“This is what I’ve been waiting for my ENTIRE LIFE!!! This was my first call and before I ever clicked on I knew that this was going to be powerful beyond words AND OMG IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!”
– VE in Atlanta

“What a release and a freeing for me.  I am no longer tied up with negative emotions and fear.  What a feeling!!!”
– Teresa in Blackburg

“Wow, I felt some lifelong inner sadness leaving and now feel lighter and more joyful.  I breathed out abandonment and judgment and breathed in unconditional love.  I feel lighter and happier.” 
– Jennifer in Washington

– Maria in Mexico

“Dear Darius…One can Heal from listening…and find much confirmation in what they share.  I find myself saying YES YES YES….”
– Carmen

“I felt SHIVERS go down my spine!”
– Donna in Woodruff

==> Hurry and Save Your Space – Live Exercises Will Fill UP!  

The energies for this equinox have been very intense combined with the astrological alignments and the full moon. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been feeling  these incoming energies and have been affected by them. Feelings of scatteredness, not being present and exhaustion abound. I have been feeling this too and have found great relief in working with crystals in combination with Universal White Time Healing.I have given myself a session and feel completely rejevunated, balanced, grounded and inspired into action.

I would love to share this unique experience with you All. A global crystal healing transmission for all who feel guided to join. This will make a powerful impact on our beautiful planet and the collective consciousness.

Will you join me?

If so feel free to join by making a $22 contribution and I will include you in the transmission on the equinox september 22nd 10:44am Hawaii Time. (10:44pm GMT)


At the time of the equinox, all you have to do is to open up and receive the healing transmission of the crystals. It is wonderful if you can be outdoors in nature or you can be indoors and light a candle and play beautiful music and just relax and let the crystals do their work. Any sensation you may feel is normal and perfect. If you don’t feel anything this is perfect as well.

For any questions you have feel free to email me at


Welcome ~♥~

Aloha Beautiful BEing!

Welcome to my new website. Here to serve you on your Journey to Wholeness in Oneness!!!

One ♥ Love

Solara Lia’Era’Nara Ann Ra

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