The energies for this equinox have been very intense combined with the astrological alignments and the full moon. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been feeling  these incoming energies and have been affected by them. Feelings of scatteredness, not being present and exhaustion abound. I have been feeling this too and have found great relief in working with crystals in combination with Universal White Time Healing.I have given myself a session and feel completely rejevunated, balanced, grounded and inspired into action.

I would love to share this unique experience with you All. A global crystal healing transmission for all who feel guided to join. This will make a powerful impact on our beautiful planet and the collective consciousness.

Will you join me?

If so feel free to join by making a $22 contribution and I will include you in the transmission on the equinox september 22nd 10:44am Hawaii Time. (10:44pm GMT)


At the time of the equinox, all you have to do is to open up and receive the healing transmission of the crystals. It is wonderful if you can be outdoors in nature or you can be indoors and light a candle and play beautiful music and just relax and let the crystals do their work. Any sensation you may feel is normal and perfect. If you don’t feel anything this is perfect as well.

For any questions you have feel free to email me at