Imagine this scenario:

– What if you woke up every morning, feeling AWAKENED
and full of life?

– What if your relationships were so rewarding (and
your finances so ABUNDANT) that you experience love,
peace and joy every day?

– And what if, in seconds, you could RELEASE any type of
pain in your heart and mind before it even started?

Can you imagine what that would be like?  (Here’s what one participant said):

“I feel BRAND NEW.  Thanks again so much.  I felt the entire process all through my body.  I could actually see the “REAL” me.”  – Michelle

94.2% Said Their “Life Got Better!”:
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You see, we all suffer through challenges, no matter how big or small.  Minor pains grow into LOW vibration, and then block us from truly being who we are meant to be (so we keep struggling to barely get by…)

It’s my dream that you live a truly fulfilling
life of joy, happiness, abundance, and FREEDOM
… just as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Transformational leader, Darius Barazandeh created
the largest global ENERGY AWAKENING CIRCLE in the world.

It’s DIFFERENT because connecting may have the ‘strange’ REMOTE effect of raising your VIBRATION.  At least that’s what their findings are showing.  Here’s what another participant said:

“The person I am today is completely different from the person I was when I began.  I am at such ease and feel such an inner peace that is incredible. It is wonderful.”
 –  D.S.

Imagine what it would really feel like:
–    To finally SET FREE intimacy, financial and emotional blocks…(once and for all)
–    To MASTER deep healing in seconds…
–    To instantly melt away personal BLOCKS and fears (without struggle)…
–    To TUNE into God-given gifts, genius and radiant vitality NOW.
–    To GRACEFULLY open your own clairvoyant, psychic or intuitive Abilities…
–    To Make 2013 and 2014 the BEST YEARS ever for you and your loved ones…

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Love, Solara ☼

P.S. – Over the last 3 years this amazing GROUP has gotten thousands and thousands of comments of ENERGY breakthroughs.

Here’s a tiny sample of what people have been experiencing (don’t wait a minute longer – spaces for Live Sessions are FILLING UP fast):

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“Just popped in and shifted…was in pain before the call started now pain free..!!!!!  Thank you again!!!”
– Jacqueline
“Truly amazing.  I could see strands of dark blobs being unraveled. Thank you, Thank you” 
– Marisa
“Thank you so much Darius!  This series has changed my life!  These calls brought my light to shine through.  Darius you are special, you are authentic”. – Kannan

“My pain in my back is gone!!! 4 years since my accident and then a life in pain is gone – I am so, so happy right now! Thanks!!  Rickard in Stockholm

The instant I heard … “Receive” I immediately felt goose bumps all over.  Wow this is a first.  Something good is happening.”
– Kitty

“I have never felt what I felt today.  I felt a wave of energy and tingling throughout my entire body for a good 20-30 seconds and then a smile so wide I thought my face would break and then I laughed a carefree laugh…”
– Nicole in Carlsbad

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P.S.S – Everyone experiences something different – Curious what could happen for you?

“This is what I’ve been waiting for my ENTIRE LIFE!!! This was my first call and before I ever clicked on I knew that this was going to be powerful beyond words AND OMG IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!”
– VE in Atlanta

“What a release and a freeing for me.  I am no longer tied up with negative emotions and fear.  What a feeling!!!”
– Teresa in Blackburg

“Wow, I felt some lifelong inner sadness leaving and now feel lighter and more joyful.  I breathed out abandonment and judgment and breathed in unconditional love.  I feel lighter and happier.” 
– Jennifer in Washington

– Maria in Mexico

“Dear Darius…One can Heal from listening…and find much confirmation in what they share.  I find myself saying YES YES YES….”
– Carmen

“I felt SHIVERS go down my spine!”
– Donna in Woodruff

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