Our body is an extraordinary tool that moves us through life with an exquisite grace. But sometimes it carries us forward in a less elegant way.  And sometimes maybe we are even dragging ourselves along forward in a boring and a very slow way. Most of the people are, right now, experiencing an enormous tiredness. Many are totally exhausted. For every day, month, and year that has passed, in waiting, we have become more and more tired. Life has lost its shine and our focus and our way of life has become a little blurry to see.  It clouds our judgment and our consciousness and Spirituality comes in second hand because we are kind of bored.

Our bodies are right now exposed to an enormous amount of stress. Stress connected with changes within the body. What we need is an inner self and body harmony. That is what we need right now because everything is pulling and tugging in our old body construction.

The body wants so much to change itself, raise the frequency and grow in consciousness and with its inner force. And in the middle of everything, we try to live and work normally. You know, we eat, sleep, and work; a typical ordinary day, one after another. Because we are in the middle of life. A life that sometimes seems to pass outside of ourselves, or in front of our eyes, but not really inside of us.

Some of us feel that we are screened off or we that we have lost some part of the way of following how things are working. Very much because our bodies have had a very difficult time because of The Shift or, rather, because of the lack of The Shift.

So what to do? Well, maybe this:

A Guided Meditation to connect with your Soul Sun

Followed by:

crystal layout #1: A basic layout that supports our body in the Shift of the New Times

crystal layout #2: To release the heavier, “dark”, Etheric Particles.

crystal layout #3: To attract the new, “light”, Etheric Particles.

crystal layout #4: To manifest the changes. To open yourself up for your New Body and its possibilities.

Perfect for this Full Moon Eclipse!

Contact me at solarabliss@live.com to book this session valued at $144. In person or through skype. A beautiful guided meditation followed by 4 gemstone layouts!


And remember to drink a lot of water this day. This helps the energy to move through you freely. And meditate on your Soul Sun. Then relax and try to take it easy that day. Let your stress float away. Get a massage, swim or take a long bath.

Love yourself ~♥~


Solara Rainbow Bliss ☼