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Hiro ♥

As you may have noticed there has not been much activity on my website lately. This is due to the birth of my beautiful baby boy Hiro Aragone Kaimana Pueo ♥. What a blessing!


Relax into bliss while laying down with beautiful gemstones laying on top of you and around you. Take a bath of crystaline energy, rebalancing the body and realigning the soul.

Specific layouts available for specific purposes. I will intuitively feel into what serves you best in the moment.

I look forward to working with you!!

My rates are $25 per layout. In my experience 3 to 4 layouts per session are usually required to achieve the optimal results.

You can reach me at (928) 852-0558 to set up an appointment.

Remote sessions also available. Energy follows intent and knows no time or space.


Solara Rainbow Bliss ☼

Solara’s touch is as pure as crystal ~ David Wolfe

I felt all tension leaving my body and felt an amazing inner peace. ~ Denis Oei

Solara helped me release 3 years of stress in just 1 session of crystal healing ~ Yoki Ng

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