• Map of the New Earth
• That which has happened and is happening
• How do we actually feel?
• To give and receive cosmic forgiveness
• New Earth meditations
• The six weeks before, the pockets are emptied
• What kind of body does one choose?
• The 3 days of ascension & the 6 weeks after
• The conflicts between good and evil
• The Third Drop
• The Drop Meditation
• So what was the war really about?
• A maybe is the answer
• The changes of the chakras
• The completion of the chakras
• The chakra cord’s inner and outer
• Meditations on the New energies in the Chakras & for the chakra cord’s wholeness of Force & Light
• The chakra cord’s meditation
• What is happening to the soul and spirit right now?
• The aura’s final stage & completion
• The chakra’s completion
• About the stones of the new chakras and their layout
• Thought patterns for the chakra cord’s Inner Light
• The Truth is in the Beyond
• The Presence in the heart
• The awareness of our solar system
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