I thank you even as I keep my name silent. For as you rise in frequency so also shall I rise. Even the smallest leaf that catches a wind’s current changes the structure of the tree.

When your heart opens mine is wide. When your tears of joy wet your sweet face —

I feel the fine vibrancy of water

Even as you understand and help each other build your Promised Land

I shall build with you

Assisting in the Foundation of your new lives on your New Planet.

Every time a Planet is born of raised frequency and filled with greater harmony

The angels sing in all the heavens + celebration is known throughout the wide space of Life —

Every time a planet turns toward balance and Love

The Universe feels a moment of Completion —

An ecstasy pours forth like a living fountain showering all with hope as Everything feels the Shine & Sparkle of such a step in Time —

Many hearts have helped, will help and are helped by this Divine Moment and Movement into

The Harmony of One —

every squirrel, blade of grass + human soul—is touched by the Dance just Danced —

I ask you to open up the eyes a little more —

Open wide the heart a little more and open up your hand a little more

to everyone at this Time so More of you and More of All of you—have a chance to enter Joy + understand what is occurring within a setting of more Peace and more Trust.

— A Friend to All