First Kiss

Something wonderful occurred on September 21, 2003. Something we have been waiting for. Longing for. Dreaming about. The aura of the New Earth and the aura of the Old/current Earth “touched.” Of course what we call the transformation of our planet had already begun already for years. But this touching is extremely Significant – and now things are going to go much faster and in a different way. In one way it feels like the intimate connection took place. The First Kiss, so to speak. Now the auras are getting to know one another. To pass through one another. To do what Auras do in the Dance of Transformation.

The music became a little more intense

To me it feels as if there has been a Procession toward Earth going up in frequency for a while and certainly it has been a gradual, step by step, increase in frequency and velocity of frequency inside people and the life of the planet and Mother Earth herself. What is different is that the “procession” has been stepped up. As if a parade walking down the street suddenly has just added a little dance to the steps. Like the music playing became a little more intense, a little more uplifted; higher in pitch and faster, so that everything feels a little more exciting. More accelerated. Like the drums have come in with a different beat and everyone is walking in a different way now.

It is going to be very interesting as the auras touch more and more

In one way it feels stronger than it even looks. To me it feels like maybe someone slipped in and placed a moving sidewalk under the feet of the people walking in the parade. And now they are more or less gliding into new places. In one way maybe this whole shift that has occurred will sort of throw people a little off balance for a while. It will affect people in different ways. I have experienced being on moving sidewalks when one part ended and you were sort of thrown forward a little. It is going to be very interesting as the auras touch more and more. Like a co-mingling of energies as the planets themselves come closer and closer to “their” ultimate touching.

There is a new frequency in the air

On September 21, 2003 in my personal experience, I experienced three waves of the “Touching” of the two auras. Since that time I have experienced that our planet feels different, more accelerated. I feel different; more accelerated. I have been drawn to stand or sit in Nature and notice how everything feels. There is a new frequency in the air. The clouds have new shapes and are giving us signs if we take the time to look. I have seen small spirals and others have seen larger spirals of energy. I have noticed some streaky white horizontal lines out in nature. More bursts of energy, more sparkles, like quick stars peeking out from among trees, sparking from the ground and shining out in the air. More than usual. The auras around trees and plants are more vivid. It is subtle, but beautiful. Almost dreamlike. Things look “almost normal” but not to me.

it feels like the child is now running up the stairs

Something beautiful and wonderful and significant has happened. A step was taken and it feels like the child is now running up the stairs. A door was opened, so to speak, and now more sunlight is beginning to pour into the room of this earth. Like maybe it won’t be long before the whole room is filled with the blessing of Sunlight. This is my experience of what has happened with the auras touching.

Apparently the auras are quite large for planets. The New Earth is larger than our planet and so is her aura. And as the auras pass one into the other and the New Earth passes into and through the Old Earth, many things will be happening. Probably this passage of planets and how a planet rises in frequency at these levels is written in our deep memories, even if we cannot access them at this time. Some people remember these shifts for they have lived through them and the “recordings” are still accessible. Channie Centara remembers these passages and how planets rise in frequency. They are in her memories. Of course every planet is unique and has her own story to share. I have experienced some of the “signs” that she has mentioned already. And I feel that if we keep our eyes open and our hearts open we will see many changes in the days and weeks to come that we can record and monitor and remember about how a planet goes up in frequency.

We are living on a planet who is alive and in the living process of lifting her Soul and her Spirit to a Higher Frequency. Mother Earth’s will has been to move both her Soul and her Spirit to a higher quality, frequency, dimension, or level; whatever you want to call it. To leave the density of her current Earth body and take her next place of honor in a higher frequency of being. I am very ecstatic about this shift that we are now experiencing and what it means. Ultimately it means that our planet as she rises in frequency will become a World #2 planet rather than a World # 1 planet. She will be more like the higher extraterrestrial worlds that are still physical but with so much more Light. Ultimately what that means is a Planet in Harmony with herself and her Universe.

Hope is very very important at this time

I know it can be a strange time for people right now. That is because so much is shifting and changing. Hope is very very important at this time and that might sound ridiculous because someone can say, “Well, what if there is no experience? Can’t hope be false then?” But hope can never be false. Hope is always a flower that wants to bloom. And has something to bloom about. People’s cells are adjusting/changing. Everything about life is changing dramatically on this planet. Humans have been so pressed down, so out of synch with life and so much in forgetfulness that they expect to age, for things to fall apart and for things not to work out. That is old thinking. Sometimes their Earth memories and expectations color things and negate the wonder that is really taking place right in front of them. Sometimes the mind says that you are not having an experience when actually you are. The mind can say “This can’t be true” when actually it can and is!

Everything needs to come into balance now

This is a time when everyone needs hope and to keep their eye on it, so to speak. Also to have patience with the thing called “time” because humans on this planet really do not understand what time really is. We also need to have a little patience with the line of karma as it straightens itself out. Everything needs to come into balance now. Finish off. Be brought to light. Whatever we carry that is old thinking or old ways is sort of coming apart at the seams and this is as it needs to be. We need each other now and to be honest with one another and real with ourselves and just go through it as smoothly as possible.

our hearts are singing about what is occurring to our world

I feel that in one way it is not so much about what each of us gets to do to shine, it is more about shining up the soul and spirit and the planet and our preparation to go forward and really be who we are and do what we came to do when things set in a little more right around everything. It doesn’t really matter so much if we channel an angel or write a book or paint a picture in one way. Of course it is wonderful and it is enjoyable to be connected to everyone and a part of everything. It is a wonderful thing to put a voice to someone’s thoughts from out there. Or put a message into song. Or portray the beautiful in a living painting. But the thing is we already ARE beings who have life out there. We are beautiful! And our hearts are singing about what is occurring to our world. So maybe we need to start listening more to our hearts! We already are someone whose life is smooth somewhere. Maybe it is just the you here that just needs to sort of glide into that memory and knowledge and that is precisely what is occurring on our world.

I believe that what really needs to change is changing in the bigger picture, and that those changes will take care of all the other changes in the smaller pictures.

In a short amount of time everyone here is going to be able to do the things that people are wishing and hoping to do. It will not be out of reach probably for anyone. Telepathy will begin, enlightenment, higher understanding – all of this. For our world is going up. The highest thing we can do is help our world to do it and help ourselves and everyone else to understand what that means. So I feel the priorities have sort of shifted a little because our planet is engaged in something extremely unique and important. It sometimes supersedes other things. Like one person maybe having a wish to have a certain profession or do a certain thing. Everyone is engaged in something huge now and sometimes it may sometimes feel that we are forgotten. That our personal wishes are not coming true. People are asking about money and being assisted to do this. They are asking why they cannot manifest this or that. And talking about some things in their lives that seem to “never” change. But those things will change also. I believe that what really needs to change is changing in the bigger picture, and that those changes will take care of all the other changes in the smaller pictures. And all the pictures are unique and important, but maybe are taken care of at different intervals. Things come. Everything is connected. And it is all going up. And everyone is included. So everyone’s life is going to be more beautiful. Certain things will not be allowed to enter those gates of the New Earth. So many things need to be worked out now. Ironed out beforehand. For they will not pass through the eyes of those needles.

a reality that touched me in a new way, ever since the two auras touched.

This is not a fairy tale. Not wishful dreaming. Not something “channeled” that may be fully true, partly true, or questionable. It is a reality that touched me in a new way, ever since the two auras touched.

Our planet is about to take an important place in the Universe

Our planet is about to take an important place in the Universe. And take her place in a different way. We are going to be doing the same thing. We are being called upon to wake up, find out who we are and what we are and why we are here and then take our place in the Universe also. Out in the Universe, accelerated and advanced civilizations give back to the Universe what they have been given. We are also in the process of becoming ones who will be able to give back to the Universe what we have been given. This will happen when we know who we are and when we take our place in the Universe and understand more of how things work in our Universe.

Humanity on the New Earth will realize that all is connected.

Our minds will be so opened up like a window that birds of every color will come in with every song that can be sung. And all sounds will be part of a symphony, and colors part of a rainbow. Then we will come closer to understanding how far humanity was from that and how much closer humanity on Earth is moving towards that. Humanity on the New Earth will realize that all is connected. They will understand taking steps. That there is a reason for one layer to clear before the next does, and one thing to be revealed before the next. There is a reason for a teacher to give out certain information prior to the next level of information. There is a purpose in building a ladder by putting a step, and then another and another. So let us say that the eternal being that we are living in our Earth bodies have climbed up many steps on this ladder, and there are a few steps to go before full revival of memory, before the full story is revealed.

When the two auras touched, that embrace speeded things up, however! Now it is like a child taking two steps at a time. See if you feel this in your heart. Ask yourself in a quiet moment if it feels like you can’t catch your breath. That things are really moving so fast. That you are taking the steps two at a time. Even if you do not know when the top step comes and what it will lead to. Maybe it feels strange. Chaotic. Dreamlike. Intense. Like you can’t finish anything. Like you can almost remember something, then it slips away. Maybe you are so tired. Maybe you are deliriously happy and for no “apparent” reason. Maybe the Sun is lighter and brighter. And the trees are twinkling. Maybe your dreams are stronger. Maybe certain things do not mean as much to you anymore. And you find you simply cannot follow old patterns. Like your habits are feeling strange. Like your body is changing in front of your eyes. Like what worked before doesn’t work anymore. You are looking for something deeper, something more real, in everything you hear, read, and speak. You are feeling the disharmony that is still here and longing for harmony. Knowing it exists. You just cannot get behind certain things any longer for they do not feel real to you and you know that they will change. Maybe you just know that things are going to be all right and don’t have an explanation. Or maybe you feel you are right on the edge of discovering who you are. Or maybe you just can’t do the old things, think the old thoughts and be around the same things anymore in your life.

Try not to judge any of it or anyone going through it.

How is your life feeling?? If it is strange, hectic or confusing that is not so unusual considering what is occurring on our planet and within the people. Please remember this. These are not ordinary times at ALL! The auras have touched and they are now passing through each other, so to speak. We do not remember what that will feel like. Maybe someone is feeling frightened, confronted, upset; please understand. A lot is going on in their body, chakras, cells. Maybe we need to also be very kind to ourselves. Maybe we will feel some sadness; farewells can be sad even when people want to move on. So let it be. Try not to judge any of it or anyone going through it. Be more still.

Our Earth has endured a lot. Each person has endured a lot. I am so extremely joyful that Earth is becoming a World in harmony with itself. All I can say is that I have been asking When, when when for years now. But when the auras touched, something happened. I no longer care to hear the answer to When, if there is an answer. If there is a magic due date like the birth of a baby, I don’t care to know it really. It comes. The good news is that it is soon to be.

With that magic kiss was the start of a whole new relationship with The New Earth…