The Cha Order

A little Information about the Cha Order, The Alliance and the Council of Light — taken from understanding given me by Channie Centara

Symbol of the Cha Order

In our Universe there is what is called The Alliance. The Alliance is the Association of Planets for The Light Members or the Association of the Light Planets. The Council of Light leads the Alliance and the Queen of the Council/Universe is the Leader of the Alliance. The Alliance stands for total harmony, true access to All Knowledge and of course an exchange of everything. It is huge with every planet, galaxy, etc., represented and numerous departments and orders, etc.

The Cha Order is the Highest Order in the COL. You could say it is an order created to spread true love and happiness. They are also the ones who have a direct relationship with the Golden Knights and can call the Golden Knights directly, when they are needed. The Cha always represent the good. There is always peace between Cha members. Each Cha member has to be In perfect harmony within themselves and in perfect harmony with all the others. They have to think and be on the same level in order to function in the group because all members need to function in Wholeness. You could say that they are very dependent on each other!! Joined vibrations, thoughts, and energies are exchanged all the time. They say that “Without the strength from the Others, we are not strong.” Their strength comes from harmony and unity. If they unite before a mission, they can move planets. Their combined harmony can give light to a dead sun, yet Cha sees themselves as just parts of The All. You could say that they work with the power of thought and that spiritually, they are in perfect harmony.

“Cha” means “Lion of battle.” The picture above is their emblem. Oktra where they started, was once inhabited by animals. There was a courageous and good-hearted Lion who had big long teeth and claws. These lions protected their fellow beings and gave their lives for others. Therefore the Symbol of CHA is the Lion. The Cha want to help everyone. They battle without killing and they fight evil, but not by killing anyone.

Cha stands for Light. A light that will lighten up darkness. If you think about it, it will always be so that the Alliance keeps growing all the time. The Light will conquer the Darkness all the Time in new places.

Here is an excerpt from My E.T. Diary by Channie that explains a little about the Cha Order.

© 2003 Channie Centara All Rights ReservedWithin the Council, all clothes have a system of stars and stripes that shows a being’s rank. This makes it easier to determine what they work with, what questions you can ask them or what you can ask them to do. There are also other symbols, for instance small symbols and signs on the collars, that shows what order you belong to. The Cha-order is the highest and then there is the Khahn-order. You can be a high-ranking officer if you are in an order and, if that is the case, that being out-ranks the ones who only have stars and stripes in the same position. An example: A captain with officer’s rank within the Cha-order has a higher rank and a longer education than a captain who doesn’t belong to an order. The education for different officers is always long and will take several lifetimes of hundreds of years.

Here is another excerpt, Chapter 26, My E.T. Diary by Channie Centara

© 2003 Channie Centara All Rights Reserved“The Cha-order is something very old and unique,” he started. “The Cha-order originated from Oktra a long, long time ago. In those days, the beings were unable to travel in space. They united their planet and founded their order. Oktra looked different then because the planet has gone through many phases of life. The people have followed those phases in a natural considerate way, without disturbing the development of the planet. Today Oktra is completely perfect and has reached a level that is not at all common among planets. When the people of Oktra learned how to travel, they visited Zazzex. Other neighboring planets were also visited; Azhiz, and finally also the planet that we now call Nektra. A few people from these four planets were eligible to become members of the Cha-order. Those members had lived in peace and harmony for a long time, and even before they became members, they represented the good. There is always peace between members of Cha, even if their home planets in those days were frequently fighting with each other. The Cha-order was powerful even in those days and they could easily have gotten together as a unit of power to unite their home planets, but this wasn’t done until He came here.”

Channie knew this story well and so she said:

“First He united the four and then He created the new original force with the Word. He then united another sixteen planets, and then twenty-four, forty-eight and one hundred and twenty-eight more, and that’s how the Alliance started.“

“Very good,” Yexes said. “But He had help from Cha and without their help, the Alliance would probably never have been created. Cha was in touch with many planets. Most of that communication had been on a strictly telepathic level up until His arrival, mostly because of the great distances in Universe. Cha had chosen members from many different planets, but only from those close to Oktra. Sometimes the members came from planets where there were wars or other forms of violence or oppression. But there were good souls of light even in places like that, that could be recruited to the Cha-order. They were looking for members everywhere and they were ‘looking for one another’ from a previous time in the creation. What was so special about the members of Cha was that each and everyone had to be in perfect harmony within themselves, and with all the other within the Cha. They have to think and to be on the same level in order to function in the group. If one member in that group wasn’t functioning right, he or she could easily cause the whole Cha to crumble like a house of cards. It could be very dangerous for all involved if this happened. We are all very dependent on each other and of the vibrations, thoughts, energies that we exchange all the time. Without the strength from the others, we are not at all strong, but if we unite before a mission we can move planets, give light to dead suns and create life, much like what the original force itself can accomplish. But whatever we do doesn’t make us gods, we are just parts of, and microscopic parts at that, of the All, just like you.”…

….“Spiritually we are all in perfect harmony with each other and we know how to use our thoughts, at the exact same moment, all over the Universe. We have our own time that we have created, or found even, who knows,” he mumbled. ‘Our time is filled with our inner light, and many are those who sail on it,’ he quoted.

Channie understood that this expression had something to do with White Time but she didn’t know how. She didn’t want to know more about things that were difficult to understand, so she asked about the way the Cha dressed and Yexes was only too pleased to tell her.

“Our clothes date back to ancient time, as do all Cha traditions. All parts of the garment have their special meaning; sometimes it’s a purely practical one. Take for instance the big piece of fabric that is the actual dress. Maybe you know that it looks like a Mexican poncho. It can be closed at the sides if you prefer that, or it can be left open. It is in effect a piece of fabric that is big enough to sleep in or to wrap yourself in. The material will keep you warm when it’s cold and it will cool you when it’s hot. A sleeping bag can’t get any better than that, can it,” Yexes laughed. “The garments are woven on Oktra by members of the Cha. They are woven with a great deal of love, and a little of that love will stay in the garment. The colors of the garment differ since we have garments for festive occasions, and ordinary working clothes. Some parts of the garment will tell you which region or district a person comes from. We also have garments for special moments; we might for instance want to absorb an extra large quantity of energy. Those garments would mostly be white or of an opal-like color. Gold, silver and silvery gray are also colors that we use in our clothes. We also use metal and crystals as you know. You already know about the powers of crystals. For festive occasions, we paint our faces in light pastel colors. We have many customs in our own little Alliance of love and friendship. We share and help everyone, and we use our abilities. We have that obligation in the sign of the Leo. We are Cha, and Cha stands for ‘Lion of battle.’

Channie wondered with curiosity:

”What is ‘a Lion of battle’?”

Yexes told her about Oktra once again, and about times long before Oktra was inhabited, about a time when only animals inhabited the planet. ‘A Lion of battle’ was an animal that resembled an Earthly prehistoric lion. Yexes vividly described the animal with its big and long teeth and claws. The fur was long, curly, and very warm. They lived in burrows that they dug deep down in the ground. The lions lived on fish sometimes, but mostly they ate roots, vegetables, berries and fruits. It was very cold on Oktra around this time, but not all animals had a warm fur and sharp claws to dig burrows and to catch fish with. Some of them didn’t have the strength to defend themselves with claws and sharp teeth when the bigger predators came. The lions had all that though, and they were courageous and good-hearted. They protected their fellow beings, despite the fact that they sometimes had to give their own lives to protect their friends in battle. The lions never killed their enemies; they just drove them into retreating. The lions helped to feed those that couldn’t reach the fruits on the trees or catch their fish. The instinct to care for the small and helpless was very strong. The females could sometime produce breast milk and nursed small animals in times when food was scarce. They helped other animals to dig burrows and they also invited other small animals into their den so that they could use the lions’ soft fur to warm themselves when times were cold. The lions ‘buried’ the animals that died, both their own kind and others. They gave the animals that were mortally wounded the freedom that only death could give them.

“Those lions are our symbol, like the good first father of Oktra, it’s part of all of the members of Cha. We will go to battle without killing, and we want to help each and everyone to make their wishes and dreams of peace and freedom come true. We will gladly warm another soul with our presence when the wind blows cold. We fight a mighty enemy: evil and darkness, so that everyone can take part of the light. Cha is light, and a light that will lighten up the darkness. That is how it’s been for all time, and that is how it will always remain. That’s why the Alliance keeps growing all the time. The light will conquer the darkness all the time in new places. Well Channie, the customs we have and the explanations of what we do, are many within the Cha order…. Is there anything else you wish to know?”

…..Yexes gave her a book to read; it was written by Cha, for Cha, but it was evidently okay for her to read it. Channie read the texts that had been translated into Swedish. Among other things she read this:

“We fight the darkness with light in our hand. Our living God supports and helps us in our combat. Our Father protects us and cares about our well-being. We also receive help through our thoughts and feelings. We feel a deep reverence before our nature, our life and our origin. We love life and feel a great love for the All that has once created us, which will continue to recreate us, because we will all live forever, through our Father’s will.

We are of the opinion that every individual is unique and has equal rights. With that philosophy, everyone becomes equally strong and able. It is our duty to help those who don’t have that knowledge yet, the ones who haven’t reached a higher level to shine from. They all get to keep what they call ‘theirs’; their ideas, their level, their ways and their culture, but it has to be in the name of the light, if they choose to follow our path. That way, we will all stand united and the darkness cannot reach us. The greatest thing of all is love, but it can only thrive in the presence of light.”

The Central Sun

The Central Sun in the center and 4 Light Planets that are the closest to the Central Sun around it.

This is a symbol of the Central Sun in the center and 4 Light Planets that are the closest to the Central Sun around it. The Light coming from the Central Sun is Divine Energy of Light and it is very very strong. It is so strong that the nearest planets to it do not have shadows. Their names are Nektra, Oktra, Assiz, Zazzex.

The Central Sun is the energy source of our Universe. It is The Divine Core of Our Creation. It may seem like a planet and shines like a sun, but it is very different from those. The Central Sun gives out energy that pulsates throughout our Universe. Our Female God and Male God are both “localized” in the Central Sun energy. Maybe you could say that their energies come out from The Central Sun. Perhaps if you want to connect to Divine Energies, a good place to connect to is The Central Sun. The Original Force of everything existing is not created, but is original. And it is coming through the Central Sun. This place, called the Central Sun, has Original Force (not created) and Creational Forces (created) coming through it. You see there always has to be balance in Creation, so if there is an Original Force, then there is a created force that brings the balance. But the Original Force does not originate in the Central Sun, but rather in a place called Aragone. Aragone is considered to be a gateway into Creation, so it is “before” Creation.