by Channie Centara © 2003 Channie Centara All Rights Reserved


Once upon a time, before there was waves upon the Sea of Creation, the Sea of Possibilities, there were Three Drops that had a will to become…

One day they met over the sea — its surface. They merged into one and there was gold in the sky over the sea. The Sea of Creation was then still and nothing existed. Everything that is existing now, wasn’t created, everything was peaceful and calm. The emerged Drops said to themselves, “Something will become of this.” So the years passed, thousand and thousand times 10 thousand went by and then the Sea of Creation was no longer calm. Out of the Nothingness came Something and Something became Everything for everyone Forever. And Nothing remained that is. Out of this everything took its form and creation began. Gods and Goddesses were created out of the highest crests of the sea by the Highest of the Highest. Everything began out of seven colors and they were formed into ten thousand and one. Every God, Goddess and Master took their color, but still followed the Highest of the Highest.

The Golden Knights were created before Creation itself. They are carrying the Original Force in its highest form as an essence of everything. The Three Drops that created the Golden Knights were very different from each other, but with the same will. Each Drop represents a color. One Drop was gold, one silver and one pearl. Every Creation has its own color and form, but they do not see the Golden Knights, because they exist without existing for them. But the Golden Knights still in every creation have its representatives. They are standing for Truth and what is right in all Creational Colors. They are not effected by time, space or the laws of existence. They are of Life before Life, of time before time, of matter before the process of forming the thought of matter. They are the Thoughts before the Thought took form. They stand for the things that are right before life and death and death of life was created. Before the souls were singing their song, they spoke. They are questions and answers. We rest peacefully whenever they go over the heavenly skies in the dress of stars. They live within us, in the harmony we feel as peace. They are everywhere, and their goal is not to be shown or celebrated. They want us to understand and see what is bigger than all the colors we have chosen to serve and see, because we choose what we want to see.

We will never understand the form of the Golden Knights. We will never understand all their goals and paths in time, but if we see them, we know we are on the right path in the universe. If we look upon the angels, “the Mighty Ones,” the Golden Knights are like a universe versus a grain of sand. All the grains of sand have their weight, but the universe holds them up, all of them, one by one. Sand is Creation’s biggest puzzle.

Gods and Goddesses have been worshiped through time, but the Golden Knights have never been understood. There probably would not have been any Gods, Goddesses or Creations at all, if the Golden Knights hadn’t existed. They started the Will of everything… But closer to the truth then the Golden Knights can come, life itself couldn’t come, not even through a God carrying a grail of color.

Every Drop that hovered over the sea split themselves into 4 and then created the 12 Golden Knights. When they took their step into creation, outside of its existence, they created 12 new Knights as counterparts. We should not call them light or darkness, plus or minus, good or evil, we should call them total unconditional Love and Truth, because they stand for Truth and total Love. These 12 new ones stood underneath the ones that came before. In the Creation there in no up or down, but this is a way of describing it like a face on a clock with equal numbers on both sides.

There are three different ways in naming the Golden Knights. Some say the Golden Knights, some say the Golden, or the Twelve, even though they are more than 12. Everything is connected into one sphere of energy, so no matter how many they are, they are always considered to be 12. Then, they created 2 in the middle to create balance, like the hub of a wheel. Then the foundation for them was manifested and created and so they stood for many thousands of years like one unit.

They followed their will to expand and the feeling to become their complete number, because they understood that the force within them would increase when they reached that perfect number. So, they started to create once again and they each created a ring of 12 around themselves, with themselves as the hub of the wheel. Each Knight standing on number 12 in these new rings become a Guardian for the Golden Knight energy. Every one of the 12 Guardians, as well as the others, have not only a purpose with their lives, they are also together guarding the Holy Principles. Everyone of the Golden Knights has their own purpose for their existence. Everyone represents a personality characteristic such as, being shy, happy, sad, etc. In a different Creation, they would represent that Creation’s individual personality types. They represent and are Guardians for every occupation, line of work and creative thought of that Creation.

In the final step of completion, all of the new rings were also the hub for a new set of rings outside themselves. This makes all together three sets of rings with the first one as the original one in the middle. There are over 3,000 Golden Knights.

When the Creation itself took its place, the Golden Knights waited. They went up into the Creation and wandered around in it. They played in new born worlds. They visited all the Creational Colors. Their true role was taken on much later. No one knew our Blue Creation would go where it has gone and that the Word would be splintered into Light and Dark, and that it would become good and evil. The legend is the Golden Knights knew, because why would they have otherwise have started and do what they did to get in contact with the citizens of the Blue Creation through the Cha Order.

When there were individuals mature enough in the Blue Creation, the Golden Knights took on a physical shape, and visited them. In spirituality, its highest form, they started an order. To that order, they chose only the ones out of the Creation that were spiritually in perfect harmony with the others selected and the Twelve. This order was to stand for the highest belief in Truth, Love and Neutrality. The Cha Order should never chose sides or kill. They should only support Truth and Love. The members of the order should be the only ones that has knowledge of the Twelve’s existence until the Knights are needed in the Blue Creation. The order was named the Cha Order. The Cha Order members were the only ones that could call upon the Golden Knights. The Cha Order were the Knight’s link to our Blue Creation. The Golden Knights taught the Order’s members many things and one of them was the Golden Movement. The Golden Movement’s quality and energy was the one that started the process and possibility for the Golden Knights to rise from the Sea of Creation. The Golden Movement is still used in active creation and contains a very small amount of unused Blue Creational Color. The Golden Knights have both been created by and are creating with the Golden Movement (Golden Movement Part I).

The Golden Knights are carrying all of the Creational Colors in its original quality and an unlimited supply of all colors, even those that have not yet been used in a Creation. Each of the Golden Knights also carries their own Creational Colors. These Colors are different from ordinary Creational Colors. They are a blend, have dimension, structure, intensity, sparkle, a temperature, etc. Each Knight in their inner quality has also the ability to create their own Creations if something goes wrong within a Creation and a sanctuary is needed. If there is a big problem in a Creation, the Golden Knights can chose to be born into that Creation and into every world co-existing in that Creation. That means, that every Golden Knight is incarnated into the same era of time and in all worlds in that Creation. The last time that this occurred was 640 million years ago. But even during the time in between, some of them have personally chosen to incarnate a little here and there to lead the people in the right direction. Some cultures have seen them as Gods and Goddesses, but they often choose to hide themselves as ordinary beings of the world they visit.

© 2002 by Channie Centara