Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Layouts

In the higher dimensions, crystals and sound possess the same qualities and powers. Different gemstones are simply different frequencies, just like different keys on a keyboard.

Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Layouts are specific layouts of gemstones placed on the body to significantly lift the vibrational frequency of the etheric, mental, and physical bodies.

Crystal & Mineral Healing

There is a cosmic energy that “rains” continuously onto our Earth and everything on it which contains the whole spectrum of colors. When it hits a specific mineral, this mineral soaks up a part of the “rain” and a specific color. The color it soaks up depends on the base structure of the mineral: that is, the presence of any metallic compounds, it’s atomic weight, roughness, crystalline form, size, etc.

Crystal Meditation

Every little stone is filled with its specific color energy. Alone, the stone will emit its individual color, but combined with another mineral, the colors will blend into a shared one, amplifying the effects the stones have on us. The combinations are very specific and make these layouts very unique! By combining crystals and gemstones into layouts placed on the body, vibrational frequencies are generated that affect the deep sub-atomic level of our being, restructuring our sub-cellular framework to be in greater harmonic resonance with the pulsating life-force of creation emanating from the Sun.

Following are the available layouts:

  • Balancing and deep healing on a soul level
  • Deep relaxation
  • Reversing stress and burn-out
  • Clearing the lungs
  • Cleaning the stomach and colon
  • Restoring the aura to its original state
  • Totally balancing the solar plexus
  • Increasing Life Force Energy
  • Increasing the flow of energy through the spine
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Layout to heal the Heart Chakra and her roots
  • Yellow energy: contact with the Light of the Earth, her colors and warmth, the core of the Earth, heat, Sun, Joy, touch, fire of Love and gentle caring.
  • Red energy: contact with the Emotional Life, femininity, female hormones, fertility, power, passion and the fire of love.
  • Violet energy: Contact with Higher Self, spirituality, soul and spirit
  • Orange Golden energy: contact with Higher Beings and Guides. Balances and focusses body and spirit.
  • Earth energy: contact with all elements in our Nature, animals and plants. Gives a very deep relaxation.
  • Ultimate Creativity: Enormous increase of your creative abilities.
  • Increasing the flow of energy through the heart chakra
  • Strengthening the connection between you and your loved ones
  • Inspiring the voice of your heart
  • Peace and stillness in the heart chakra
  • Breathing in new, warm feelings of Love
  • Loving softness
  • Connecting heart and soul on a very deep level
  • Integrating new chakras in the body: leads to greater openings to your own inner wisdom and knowledge.
  • Balancing the changes in aura colors: when you suddenly desire different colors of your clothes, food, surroundings etc.
  • Balancing the changes in aura shape: helps to integrate new chakras in the aura.
  • Raising the frequency of the blood: helps enormously with ascension and integrating the new energies into our bodies!
  • Balancing on a cellular level
  • Balancing and grounding
  • Grounding and manifesting your spiritual growth: for highly sensitive people and children
  • Meeting the new white light, connecting to the New Earth: very imporant and essential in these times of enormous changes!!
  • Balancing and opening of the spirit to understand the New Earth