Before Creation, before anything, beings called the Golden Knights, who are the Oldest in the Universe, rose up from an energy called The Golden Movement. You could say it was the energy they needed to rise from Creation. The Golden Movement is the Universe’s own energy. It represents the Power and Energy of the Universe. This movement links you back to before Creation and therefore has the possibility to restore something even from before the Creation. In receiving energy of the Golden Movement one can receive energy so old that it comes from “before the thought of God.” In one way you can think of this movement as being a movement that can restore you and also restore a tiny tiny part of the Creation for it can link back to before Creation. This energy movement was taught by the Golden Knights. It has the possibility of clearing to before Creation. This movement is the oldest movement of the Universe.

This movement is an honor to work with. There is more than one part to the Golden Movement, but the first part represents when the Golden Knights first rose up from what has been called in the Universe, the Sea of Possibilities. The Golden Knights guard the Forces of energy, one force being the Well of White Time. Universal knowledge teaches that we live in a Blue Creation; there are other creations and other colors. The Golden Movement is the perfect energy of the color blue that is in this Creation.

The Golden Knights started an order called the Cha Order to represent them. They taught the Cha Order the Golden Movement. The Cha stand for the Highest belief in Truth, Love, and Neutrality. They are the ones who can call on the Golden Knights. From the beginning the total knowledge of the Golden Movement belonged to the Cha Order. The Golden Knights, through the Cha Order, acknowledged Universal White Time healing as adapted for the people on Earth, and made the choice that the Golden Movement could be part of the Universal White Time Healing training. Part one of the Golden Movement is taught in Level One White Time Healing.

It is a blessing that The Golden Movement has been made available to the people living on Earth. It is a sacred and powerful energy to be used carefully and with pure intent. This universal force is ever-present, you could say, and can always be used for a myriad of purposes to heal people, animals, nature, the planet, plants, food, situations, etc. When the special movements are taught and known, one can gather energy from the Universe into your hands to use in healing. The movement is for everyone, no matter what age or background, but it is important to know how to work with this energy for it is very powerful. Working with the Golden Movement increases your aura field by 6 to 8 feet.

It does not matter if you happen to have a physical handicap. Everyone performs The Golden Movement in accordance to her/his physical abilities. The effect does not in any way decrease if some movements are not performed “perfectly”. It is the heart that matters. You can sit or lay down when you perform the movement. The Golden Movement can also be visualized. You do not have to perform it physically.

This energy is totally safe and can not be used for negative purposes. It always has a wonderful positive effect on the quality of life.

This information was provided by Channie Centara