For those of you that want to find your Inner Force:

Layout with Meditation

This gemstone layout and the meditation that goes with it, is to find your specific Inner Force. But don’t expect to feel a strong, electric shock. It is more of a softness, with almost like a sucking feeling and an enormous depth to it. The Force you carry is very strong. And now it should be awakened and it should be allowed for it to grow.

This special and very unique Inner Force is not so much for The Shift we are making. Or for the coming time on The New Earth.  It’s more for the time after that… Because much more is awaiting us in the future. The Universe and the whole Blue Creation are on their way up in frequency and it is, then and there, that your true Inner Force will come to its greatest purpose. But it is now the time when you can start looking for it and find it.

Your Inner Force is coming from The Beyond and so are you. And even if you think that you know a lot about it or who you are there, in The Beyond, I wouldn’t say that that is true, because even for the few who know who they really are in The Beyond, The Before and The Beginning, this is still totally new. Everything is not discovered yet. Not everything is revealed yet. There is still 1 step missing, but soon…

Now is the time that we actually can start our understanding of our own Inner Force. And we can start Our Inner Force Journey. We can start to understand what it is to live in harmony with our own Inner Force. But also our own inner Holiness. In English there is a word Divine, but in Swedish there isn’t any really good word for the godlike holiness that I mean. Our Swedish words usually have a connection with religion or Christianity, but that is not what I mean. And it is not right, in this case. What I talk about is extraordinary; something very big and very Holy. It is before anything godlike was even thought of or had sprung out or had become or been created, in any form. It was then that yours, and even my Force became and existed. It was pure and clear and it had its flow, hand in hand with everything and everyone else. We were strong together, so strong that we were a unit of True Light. And then we were sent out and we didn’t notice when we left, that the further we went, the more the Light faded and so also did our Inner Force.

But now it is the time to take back and conquer our Selves and what we stand for. It will become a small struggle but it is only a struggle that you can win for yourself. You, and only you, can re-conquer your own Inner Force. No one has taken it from you. And no one has put out the flame. You have only forgotten it. Forgotten how big and strong you really are and where you come from and why you carry the Force that you do carry.

It is now when tiredness and sadness are suffocating you, that you could struggle free and stand up straight and strong. And the Forcefulness of who you really are can sweep around country and Earth. The echo from Before should then reach out and awaken everyone who wants to listen and learn about themselves.

There are three parts available to connect with your Inner Force. Each part can be booked seperately. Each part is valued at $55. Available in person or through skype.

A prerequisite for these meditation/gemstone layout sessions is that you at least have taken one of the New Earth Teachings classes. You can find more information about the NET classes here.

Inner Force part 1


Inner Force part 2


Inner Force part 3